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FormRouter Overview

FormRouter is redefining the forms management process with exciting new solutions for routing and data collection. Through our patented technology, FormRouter facilitates the routing of PDF, Excel, HTML, ASP and ASP.NET forms between individuals filling in forms and those wanting to process the captured data. FormRouter is an Application Service Provider (ASP) offering subscription services enabling form routing of hundreds to millions of forms, scaling to meet your needs.

Using FormRouter, non-technical users publish forms within hours – without engaging IT professionals. By eliminating manual re-keying, you reduce costs, increase accuracy and slash the time required to get results in house and online. Completed forms are encrypted and routed to the FormRouter server. Alerts can be predefined to monitor form submissions for “desirable data” (the needle in the haystack) with user notification via e-mail. Designated users (i.e. those with appropriate permissions) can download (24/7) the aggregated results into a wide variety of destinations including application programs like SharePoint®,  Access®, Excel®, SQL Server®, Salesforce®, Text, XML and other ODBC compliant databases.

FormRouter customers can expect to realize significant ROI in the first year. The benefit is compounded based on the number of forms and the number of form submissions being processed.

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