MIT SOLID Project POD Form Integration

Using a FormRouter Account, it is now possible to setup an online form that can route directly into a SOLID POD. This allows any person with a SOLID POD to get a copy of the form data they filled out. The submission may include a copy of the form as a PDF if so configured. This currently supports PDF, HTML and Excel form formats.


What is a SOLID POD?

Think of a SOLID POD as a digital file cabinet where you can store, look up and control access to your data. With the new FormRouter integration, your POD Inbox is now a secure place to keep a copy of online form submissions.

Get a POD Here

File Extraction Utility

In addition to POD integration, FormRouter has also released a File Extraction Tool to make it easy to open file attachments (like PDF forms) out of a POD. This allows anyone with a POD to open and see PDF documents and attachments to forms.

Link to File Extraction Utility


At FormRouter we provide online accounts that allow you to create, host and capture online form responses securely over the web without programming.

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