Submit PDF Forms to SharePoint® Lists

Easily collect data securely from PDF forms to SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries. Mobile Friendly.

FormRouter will show you how to:

1. Submit PDF forms and attachments from the free Adobe® Reader® or Web Browser.
2. Securely capture entire forms, data and attachments into SharePoint lists.

This allows you to take advantage of PDF forms and SharePoint lists to collect and collaboratively work with data.

Get PDF Forms Working On All Devices

FormRouter’s “PDF Form Filler Viewer Technology” can translate PDF forms so that they work in all popular Web Browsers on all major devices. The original PDFs are filled and sent to SharePoint Lists.

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Additional Features:

• Supports Adobe® Acrobat®(Acroforms) and Adobe® Designer® XFA forms
• System Works with the free Adobe Reader or Web Browser
• Adobe Acrobat PDF forms can be digitally signed
• File attachments may be attached to Acrobat PDF forms (size limit)
• E-mail alerts with attached filled PDF forms may be sent on submission

At FormRouter we provide online accounts that allow you to create, host and capture online form responses securely over the web without programming.

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