Excel® Form Data Capture Solutions

Easily collect data securely from Excel Workbooks to popular databases like SharePoint®, Excel®, Access®, etc.

Support Both Desktop and Online Versions of Excel

  • Turn Excel spreadsheets into powerful data collection forms
  • Easily define the specific cells to be passed to your database
  • Send a copy of the entire filled workbook along with cell data
  • Transmit the calculated values in cells to your database

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How to submit data from Excel Desktop?

How to submit data from Excel Online Version?

Cell Submit Add-in for Excel Online Version

Send Data From Excel® Online Workbooks to Popular Databases

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Why Use Excel Forms With a FormRouter Account?

People have been using Excel to create forms for years. This is because Excel has powerful, easy-to-use format and calculation abilities. Unfortunately, Excel has not been widely used to submit data over the Internet as an electronic form.

Now, thanks to FormRouter technology, you can turn any Excel spreadsheet into a form that is capable of submitting data securely through the Internet. The responses can then be collected into a database (like Microsoft® Access) on any Microsoft® Windows computer or sent via e-mail.

Best of all, FormRouter technology requires no programming and can be used by anyone with a Microsoft® Windows-based computer.

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