PDF Form Viewer Technology

PDF Form Filler Viewer Technology

View, Fill, Sign & Submit PDF Forms on All Major Web Browsers on All Devices

What is the PDF Form Filler Viewer?

A technology on the FormRouter Server that converts existing PDF forms into HTML5 web forms that can be filled out, signed and submitted from all major devices. No programming required.

Supported Web Browsers: Supported Devices:
  • Chrome®
  • Safari®
  • Internet Explorer® (IE)
  • Microsoft Edge®
  • FireFox®


  • PCs
  • MACs
  • iPad®
  • iPhone®
  • Android® Tablets
  • Android® Phones

      Do forms in the viewer look like the original PDF?

      Yes. Converted forms have the same look and feel as your PDF forms. Click here to see a demo.


      How do I configure PDF forms to work with the FormRouter Server?

      By using the “PDF to HTML Converter Tool” (installed on a windows desktop).

      PDF to HTML Converter Tool

      What does the “PDF to HTML Converter Tool” allow me to control in the published form?

      – Field validations
      – Required fields
      – Basic calculations and more…


      Can I add signatures to forms?

      Yes.  Published forms support the signing of web forms on PCs, smart phones and iPads within all major Web browsers.

      Try the signature field on this demo form. If you fill the form and enter your email address, then you will receive an email with the original PDF form signed and filled.


      Can code be added to a converted form?

      Yes.  For the power-user the “PDF to HTML Converter Tool” supports adding in CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

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